17 Eylül 2008 Çarşamba

Samuel Etooooo

Samuel Eto'o "Scoring is only easy when the ball is in the net."

Gol atmak sadece topu ağlarda gördüğünüzde kolaydır.


Favourite music : Cameroonian music. Rumba music,

Favourite film : Philadelphia.

Favourite actor/actress : Tom Cruise/ Penelope Cruz.

Favourite car : I’m not going to advertise, but I like cars and have more than one.

Favourite animal : I don’t have one.

Hobbies : Sleeping.

All the time? : No! I like to sleep, but I spend time with my family because there are many things to do. I’ve got three kids at eight, four and five months who need lots of attention.

Who would you like to be stuck in a lift with? My wife.

Most treasured possession : I love books. There are some very good Cameroonian writers on politics. I like to read them.

Favourite place : Douala, Cameroon. It’s a wonderful city. Please come. The people are good and friendly. The night life is there until the sun comes up. There are dangerous places, but it’s like that everywhere else in the world. The girls are great – very natural.

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